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Chongqing palm bond condiment co., LTD Is a perennial engaged in hot pot bed charge、Malatang base、Clusters of fragrant base、Fish sauce、Chongqing small surface dressing、Hot pot chicken essence、Toppings such as hot pot industries supporting the production of the products、Research and development、Custom、Post signs、Generation process、One-piece material supply and service all aspects of comprehensive entity enterprise。Company headquarters is located in the beautiful mountain city,The birthplace of hot pot,The world of hot pot—Chongqing,The company has excellent hot pot base line,Using the combination of modern biological engineering techniques and traditional crafts,And many years of service in more than thirty-eight thousand catering shops and close500Food and beverage companies mature experience,Formed a mature and stable hot pot bed charge r &d and production capacity,Companies in strict accordance with the national food law execution standard production、Customize a variety of hot pot base,Within the framework of national quality management company,Worked out a series of food quality is higher than the national food standard specification,For the hot pot、So sweet、Fish pavilion、Chongqing catering enterprises provides the base and the original small side dish,As far as possible to the catering operators、The efficiency of the kitchen、The cost in the kitchen,The ability of logistics distribution requirements。

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Chongqing people love hot pot Focused on research and development of chongqing hot pot19Years

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Taste is the essence of hot pot!Hot pot we do like the taste of the guests,Make the tip of the tongue on the spicy feast!

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Strict in material selection,Skilled in making,Harmonious proportion,Only willing to achieve taste with stomach feels double experience,Let the world chongqing hot pot boil!

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Chongqing people love hot pot Focused on research and development of chongqing hot pot19Years

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Chongqing people love hot pot Focused on research and development of chongqing hot pot19Years

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